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Sweetness & Love – Monthly Photo Challenge Blog Hop – Menlo Park Photographer

Alright. So, I realize I’m late to the blog hop party but its not without good reason!

Since I’m a part of a themed photo blog group, we go about our month seeking or creating images that portray that particular month’s theme. (Be sure to hop on over to Heather’s page after the images)

Since February’s was “Sweetness and Love,” I decided to go with images I got during an at-home session with my kids. I initially set up the studio lights & seamless to fulfill my Valentine’s day card project for my son’s Kinder class. But, little Aria was really intrigued with the set up and what was going on, I could TELL, that she wanted in on the action. (haha, ok, probably not so, but she had a good time anyway.)

If you don’t know me or my family personally, I can tell you that my son loves his sister VERY much. He’s protective of her and he’s proud of her. He might even try to tell you that she’s the cutest baby in the world. :)

Anyway, Aria is learning to show more emotions now that she’s getting older and her newest thing is to try to give kisses. Her other “new thing” is pat-a-cake; here are the two playing the game while I fiddle with my camera.  I hope you enjoy and apologies for processing these so late. Work and life keep me pretty busy as of late.

Now, go give Heather a visit. Her blog is at Heather Manor Photography. Thank you for reading!


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