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San Francisco Help Portrait 2013

Help Portrait is a worldwide event where creatives come together to provide free portraits to under-served communities around the world. I am so happy to be volunteering again with our San Francisco event at Glide Memorial Church.

During last year’s event, I got to meet so many amazing people–from volunteers to clients who all had big hearts. Remembering that experience still makes my eyes well up a little. Listening to the stories of people who are very poor or homeless really touches your heart. I’m glad that I can use my talent to give back in a way that I believe matters.

The people I got to photograph were very sweet and are often misunderstood or are judged because of their appearance. I got to work with families who came from shelters or were referred through social programs that enable them to empower themselves. I also worked with the elderly who try to get by on very tight budgets. Giving them images to take with them is rewarding when you see their smiles, see their tears of joy, and feeling their hugs of appreciation. Above anything else, this kind of event reminds us that we are all human. And even though this event is only held for a day, sometimes, its the only time that our clients get to feel good about themselves in a very long time.

My friend, and fellow photographer, Colson Griffith is leading the event again this year. And as with every Help Portrait event, we rely on donations and volunteer work from anyone who is able to help out. Please take a look at the following documents that Colson provided. One document explains the scope of the event and our needs and the other document is a sign-up sheet. Help Portrait takes place on December 7th, 2013.

In the meantime, take a look at the video from last year’s event:

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