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San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade – Menlo Park Photographer

Yesterday, my family, friend, and I went into San Francisco to see the Chinese New Year parade. It is reportedly one of the biggest parade celebrations outside of Asia and lasts about three hours.  We were really excited to be a part of the crowd and enjoy the festivities. The crowd that came was pretty big, supposedly over a million people came.

We decided to brave traffic and drive into the city to find parking. The streets were getting pretty crazy beginning at 4 pm and we had to try to navigate the many one way, no left turn streets to get to the garage that would have put us near Union Square (which we didn’t make it to). But, we didn’t have to wander very far. Just as we were trying to decide on our next move, the police came in to place baracades on the cross streets that was right by the parking garage we chose. So, we kind of lucked out. We got a great view of everything and had some dim sum afterward.

Anyway, I had to make do with what I had. I didn’t want to load up on too many lenses and then I realized that my batteries had died on my external flash. I don’t think I did too bad rocking the high ISO. I hope you enjoy these images.

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