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New Beginnings – Monthly Photo Challenge Blog Hop – Menlo Park Photographer

This year I am working on some exciting projects and this month’s photo challenge theme is totally fitting for the things that 2012 has in store.

1. I am working on my senior capstone project which is required for graduation at ASU (finally getting my degree in GIT!) I will be documenting part of its progress on this blog as it relates to photography but the “big picture” project is to help carry on inter-generational life stories of native Americans through InterGen Legacy Project.
2. I will be making a bigger effort to focus more on commercial photography. My goal is for it to be at least 75% of my work with family portraiture taking up the remainder.
3. Work and practice more on my studio lighting. I have owned a set of studio lights for about three-four years now and have not really put them to use as they should be. Honestly, I typically only break them out for location work when fulfilling the needs of my longtime client in Phoenix. So, in tune with this month’s challenge, I will be using my studio lights to put into practice things I’ve learned in workshops and during my internship and courses at ASU like more advanced studio lighting.

So, I present my theme, “New Beginnings” using my 9 month old daughter as my model (who is an excellent case study for working with difficult models who do not like to take direction! lol).

Also, since this post is a part of a blog hop (of 8 other photographers), please visit the next photographer, Susan, at Photography By Susan

Aria – 9 months – Feathering light with bounce reflector as hair light.

Aria – 9 months. Used broad lighting to emphasize her baby chubs.

Aria – 9 months. Used broad lighting to emphasize chubby baby arms and cheeks.

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