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March 10th Weekend Recap – Menlo Park Photographer

While I wait for some of my state/city licenses to come through, I’m on a mini-break here in CA.

This past weekend was particularly busy. I attended a photowalk in San Francisco sponsored by Adobe. They’ve got some really cool stuff in store (which I’ll leave them to announce since I signed a confidentiality agreement). But, I met some pretty cool people from hobbyists to professionals. Here are just a few from the photowalk. More can be viewed on my website: Photos of the San Francisco Bay Area

Thank you for staying with me this far. I also attended a bar-b-que hosted by SmugMug to kick-off wedding season. I met some really cool folks and the kids had a great time. At the end, I finally got to take some photos with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop! (Ok, ok.. I realize that its of my baby.. but it doubled as her 10 month photos.. what do they say? two tasks, one camera?)

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