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Interior Photography: Home Remodel in Scottsdale Arizona – Phoenix Commercial Photographer

During my last visit to Arizona, I had the opportunity to photograph the work of interior designer, Gaybrielle Greene. Clients who had the privilege of working with her were able to utilize her expertise in developing design mock-ups, product sampling, construction specs, to organizing a team of professionals to help with the build out process.

Ms. Greene’s dedication to customer satisfaction and detail is incredible. So, when I was asked to photograph her last remodel project in Arizona, I was delighted. Though, the remodel space was small, her vision for the design created a bright and airy space that begs any one to spend time there to create something delicious. Appliances were selected to compliment the small space and ensures that whatever masterful meal that is created there is easy to clean.

Since I had access to the home for the duration of an entire day, I decided to photograph the kitchen space during the morning, afternoon, and evening to show how different lighting conditions affect a space. The neutral tones are not overwhelmed by the cool morning glow or warm afternoon sunlight. In the evening, the space is still inviting with available overhead and under-cabinet lighting.

Ms. Greene has relocated to the San Francisco bay area where she recently accepted a position with Dunn-Edwards as an architectural designer services representative.

In her new role, she works with medium to enterprise sized businesses to help spec paint for commercial projects. Her vast knowledge in design best practices and years of experience make her an ideal partner for projects. In addition to her extensive network of industry colleagues, she is a great person to call upon for design projects.

To contact Ms. Greene, you can reach her through her LinkedIn profile.


  • Joseph M Kempski says:

    Very nice photography job Ms Wyrick and a Very nice remodel job Ms Greene.

  • I’m so glad you shared this shoot. We have a small kitchen as well and its really frustrating when trying to find inspiration for our own remodel due to the fact that most kitchens given as inspiration are much, much bigger than ours. Thank you for sharing a small kitchen remodel!

    • Megan, you’re welcome! I love the storage space in this kitchen. What I thought was the coolest thing was the drawer beneath the under-sink ‘dead space’ area.. It was used to store extra towels and dish cloths. I also love the product baskets at the end of the counter too.

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