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How I view the Holidays – Bay Area Photographer

I’m a little sad that this is my final entry for my Clickin Mom’s monthly photo challenge. I got to get to know and befriend the ladies in this blog circle. I am looking forward to following their work throughout 2013.

For me, the holidays means a number of things..Like, more time with family and being able to enjoy creating memories together.

This year, we introduced Elf on a Shelf to my son. It was a lot of fun and, at times, challenging. Most of Luigi’s (our Elf) shennanigans were documented on instagram. Our family had a lot of fun with Luigi.

The holidays for us, also, meant that a lot of the holiday magic happens on Christmas Eve when the kids are asleep. Stockings are filled and our Elf on the Shelf bids his farewell.

On Christmas morning, the kids open their gifts. Some of us are over the moon when we get presents that we’ve asked Santa for… and some of us prefer to play with more familiar objects (like, chilling with “Melmo” while having a baba and wearing a favorite shirt with someone’s favorite Kitty. **Also, I realize she’s too old for a baba–you don’t know the struggles I’m having with trying to move her to a sippy or straw cup!**)

The holidays also means going into the cold on New Years Eve to go watch fireworks.

And to end the year, here’s a clip of the firework finale in San Francisco – Bay Bridge viewing area.

Please take a moment to see Mindy’s blog and how she views the Holidays.


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