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How I view Summer Time – Menlo Park Photographer

Gosh, its already August!! This means that between now and the end of the year, schedules will be jam packed and we’ll be celebrating the kid(s) going back to school, preparing for Halloween, deciding how to spend Thanksgiving, and then preparing for the December holidays.

These moments are fleeting (sad face). I guess this is why I love summer so much. Its a time when you get to spend extra time with the kids (if they’re in school, because they’re on vacation). Its a time when its generally nice wherever you go (except Phoenix, sorry family!). Since I had been going to college for-ev-er, it usually meant a mental break for me which allowed me to have a creative free-for-all. 
Anyway. this year was pretty special to us as it was our first summer in the San Francisco bay area. We did walks, a picnic in the park, and a roadtrip to southern California for a mini-vacation.
The picnic in the park was really special for me because its when Aria finally started to walk on her own for extended periods of time. She had been cruising furniture for about four months now but only started to get around on her feet toward the end of June. She’s such a delightful little girl. Her happiness is contagious.
While we were in “SoCal,” we got to spend time with Papa Greene and Tina. My son, Cassius, is so much like his papa, the similarities are uncanny (Yay, fancy word! haha). Anyway, Papa’s home is in a fantastic location… RIGHT ON THE BEACH! Take a look at that magnificent view!!
On our trip to southern California, a trip to Disneyland Adventure Park was on the agenda. We had plans to see the new Cars Land. Cassius is a big fan of Cars the movie that he was so excited to be able to go there in person. Aria had a great time as well. She really enjoyed the parades that came through and had the best view. I tried to take advantage of the photo pass that Disney offers but we were too preoccupied with going on rides that we usually missed the characters. We did, however, get to catch Flik from A Bug’s Life. And, Cassius got to get a pic in front of Lighting McQueen before he retired for the night. How lucky!!

We also met up with my sister, Renee, and her family and my mom. This trip was a big celebration of sorts. Renee celebrated her birthday, my mom celebrated her retirement, and I celebrated graduating. It was really great to see my family. We had lunch just outside the park where the kids got to get balloons. My nephew Noah got a dragon and my niece Morgan got a dog, while Cassius had a sword made for him. Aria wasn’t left out, she had a flower made for her which she lost interest in after about five minutes. But, one of Aria’s favorite rides was the spinny ladybugs. We went on that ride twice because she got such a kick out of it. My mom & Renee are pictured in the ladybugs below.

Alright, before I get misty-eyed from remembering those moments together… I also started on my other hobbies, like sewing. The first project that I completed in July was making yo-yo’s to put on a shirt for Aria. I think it came out alright and it survived a few loads through the washer. 
Thank you for reading my take on summer time. Please take a moment to go to Laura’s blog to read about her take on summer time.


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