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How I view playtime – San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

If you didn’t already know, I really look forward to my “How I View…” Clickin Moms blog circle posts each month. This month’s theme surrounds playtime. It means a number of things for our family. Most often, its something that we do altogether and sometimes its just one-on-one play with the kids.

In August, we’ve had to deal with some pretty hot days. Playtime in the house on hot days usually leads to crankiness and the kids going stir crazy. So, we find a playgroup to join and have fun at the splash pad. Aria and Cassius had a blast going to the splash pad in Cupertino.

On the weekends, to get out of the house, our playtime usually means going to the San Francisco Zoo. This time, Cassius wanted to find the bronze statues and take photos with them.

Sometimes, playtime is a game of peek-a-boo. Aria is a good peek-a-boo-er. She found a place next to the guest bed to hide. And then found an ideal spot behind the curtains. Haha. She doesn’t quite know that just because she can’t see me, doesn’t mean that I can’t see her. :)

During the summer, we’ve had a lot of fun going to Stanford and enjoying the fresh air. The kids love running around and exploring the cool things that are on campus.

Earlier this summer, we went to the Mission District in San Francisco to check out Sunday streets. We met up with a co-worker of James who was there on his skateboard. He let Cassius have a try and he did surprisingly well. Cassius had the choice of getting a new bike or a skateboard and guess what he chose? His playtime lately has been practicing on his board and going to the skatepark in Menlo Park.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to hop on over to Jo’s blog to read about how she views playtime.


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