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How I View Motherhood – Menlo Park Photographer

I’m happy to be participating, again, in the Clickin Mom’s monthly photo blog circle. The last few months, I have been busy with finishing my bachelor’s degree at ASU. And the last two months when our blogs were due, I was out of town attending business matters or sorting out school tasks in Arizona.

Anyway, I was really excited about this month’s theme, which is “How I view motherhood.” I’m happy because the inspiration for this came from my own mom, Valencia, who has always encouraged us to pursue the things that make us happy and to always put education at the top of our priority list. And these are a couple of values I want to instill in my own kids.

My son is at a point in his life where he’s become very aware of the world. And from an early age, I want him to know how important I feel that education is for him and for natives in general. Not many Navajo youths get to experience the support that I was fortunate to have growing up. Some Navajo youths don’t even graduate high school and the option of college is an automatic no based on their circumstances.

I’m happy that ASU has offered a separate convocation for Native American students (aside from the one specifically for my college, or the big one for the undergraduate classes). I made sure to have my son (and baby daughter) attend the Native American Convocation that I was participating in. For one, I was truly inspired by the honors recipients who all had accomplished so much with very little means. And I was blown away by the amount of graduates who were getting their doctorate degrees.

Anyway, I know that when we got home to California, my graduation ceremony was all my son would talk about in school. He let his teachers know and his classmates know. His teachers reported back to me how proud he was to share his experience of seeing me get my diploma.

Also, since my son passed Kindergarten and didn’t get to experience his own little graduation (which I was disappointed that his school didn’t do this), I let him know how proud I was of him. And I told him how important it is to always do his best in school even when he doesn’t feel like it. I let him know that his education is important and that when people do well academically (in school, kindergarten terms), that they are rewarded. So, his little reward for going on to first grade was getting his favorite treat, frozen yogurt at Yogurtland.

May has been a big month for us. Motherhood is a lot of work but it has its rewards. And seeing my son overcome his struggles and letting him see me go through the hurdles of college is really something. I know I will continue to teach him how much his education will mean to him and that life needs values to shape the person we will grow into when we reach adulthood.

My sisters, Renee and Cristal, and I after the Native American Convocation at ASU.

Cassius singing at his classroom’s kindergarten celebration.

Cassius’ reward for a great Kindergarten year.

Cassius, proud of himself.

Thank you for reading and visiting. Please be sure to check out Breanna’s take on Motherhood.

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  • Mindy says:

    Congratulations Celeste! What an accomplishment and how special to be able to share it with your children! Love your son’s smile in that last image – congrats on his completing kinder too!

  • Congratulations!! I’m having a hard enough time being back in school and I don’t have kids to balance with it. You go girl! Especially love that last photo!

  • Danie says:

    Wow, Celeste, what an amazing achievement! I love when parents do as you are doing, and open their lives up for their children to see, the struggles to work hard and achieve, and the successes, too! Congratulations to you (and to your Kindergarten graduating son!).

  • What an amazing mom and mentor you are for your children. I’m so proud of you and your son! Congrats, you have a lot to be super proud of.

  • JoSann says:

    Celeste, you set an awesome example for your kids! I was young when my mom graduated from college, and I remember being so proud of her!

  • Celeste, that is so awesome. HUGE congratulations to you AND your son ♥

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