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How I view Fatherhood – Menlo Park Photographer

I honestly can not believe that six months have already come and gone. We’re into July and are going into the second half of the year. It really seems like the new year was just the other day. So, I’m sure you can imagine that because time goes by so quickly, you can relate to the importance of doing meaningful activities with your family and cherishing those moments. If you have children, you know that time flies and before you know it, they’ve grown up. Oh, my heart aches thinking about it!

Anyway, this month’s challenge with my Clickin Mom’s group is to capture how we view fatherhood. Being a dad and father is an important role. I am so proud of my James because he’s a great dad to our kids. He teaches them that you need to work hard, be respectful, to love one another, and to not be a lump on a log and get out of the house.

June has basically been a month where we lived by those themes. We have been working on devoting a day each weekend to family where we get out of the house and find some sort of adventure. One weekend, we went to Muir Woods. Another weekend, we went for a hike to the Stanford Dish. And another weekend, we went to Santa Cruz beach. The last weekend in June, we decided to stay home and have a big barbeque in our backyard (didn’t get to document this one as I was preparing food for the grill).

Try to pause to love your kids.. even if they’re determined to run and do their own thing.

Take time to play and foster imagination. “See kids, daddy is the strongest!”

Fresh air and exercise is important. Its amazing what things you will see when you get out.

Hard work and team work start early. The greatest things that were built up started small.

And when you don’t respect baby’s sandcastle, you get punished! haha, just kidding!

Thank you for stopping by. Please take a moment to visit Laura’s take on fatherhood.

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