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End of Year Recap Part 1 – Bay Area Photographer

My first whole year living in the bay area has been pretty incredible. I met a lot of awesome people and got to see a lot of amazing places. This entry features a couple of images from each month during the first half of 2012.


This month, I stepped out of my comfort zone to dabble a little bit in food photography. This was actually a planned meetup with local female photographers where we formed groups to try our hand at food styling and  working to manipulate natural light to emulate effects otherwise achieved in a studio setting.


I didn’t have a lot of sessions planned this month, so I ventured around town and made my way to Stanford University. I happened to be there when a lot of the trees were blooming and managed to get these images of the magnolias and plum blossom trees right before the sun set.


This month, I worked on meeting new people and coordinating with models or performing arts professionals to add more to our portfolios. I met some amazing ladies and a talented model from Nevada. Their professionalism was superb and I really enjoyed getting to know them.


In April, I had the opportunity to meet up with a local Clickin Mom to trade sessions. I needed some headshots to use for graduation photos and she needed some maternity photos before she delivered her baby (who is an adorable little boy!). Anyway, meet Cari, who specializes in family and maternity-to-child photography (CariNystrom.com).


This was such a crazy month for me because I was graduating and had to work quite a bit to wrap up finals and make plans for graduation celebrations in Arizona. Photography this month was tied to my capstone project, Intergen Legacy. This project’s focus was to capture stories about native american culture and create a connection between youth and elders through technology. While this project didn’t entirely take off, it is something I do plan to “complete” in the future. It has a lot of potential but requires more time than I have available right now. I interviewed Jay Begay for my project and he provided some insight on his music and life musings, and I am so very thankful that he shared his story with me. Anyway, these images are from the Navajo reservation near Navajo, New Mexico.


There are a few concepts that I want to capture at night but I still have to work on techniques to achieve the look I want. I was close with my March session with Cameron and MJ in San Francisco but I didn’t quite nail it. So, this month, I went back to San Francisco to work on exposures and city scapes. These are a few images I caught from the Embarcadero near Pier 1.

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